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The Palace of Versailles, is one of the biggest and most rich châteaux on the planet. A fine illustration of eighteenth century French building design and workmanship, it is a standout amongst the most gone to attractions – and palaces – in France, and in addition being an UNESCO’s World Heritage site and must-see French landmark.


– 250 sections of land of finished and manicured gardens and wellsprings
– The Hall of Mirrors contains 357 mirrors altogether, reflecting the amazing arrangements through the angled windows
– Stunning Chapel of Versailles
– The Grand Apartment – initially known as the Apartment of the Planets
– Opera auditorium

Did you know:

– The Palace brags around 2,143 windows, 1,252 chimneys, and 67 staircases
– Palace of Versailles was the authority seat of force until 1789, from that point however it was known as the “support of freedom” (Berceau-de-la-Liberté) as it was here that the populace of Paris made their stand against King Louis XVI and constrained him again to Paris and out of a life of extravagance
– During the French Revolution, all the bits of workmanship inside the Palace of Versailles were exchanged to the Louver for safety’s sake
– The Palace arrangement is the biggest of its kind in Europe, made back in the seventeenth century, with a geometric example of shrubs, flowerbeds and trees

Don’t miss:

Hall of Mirrors

As a standout amongst the most eye-getting peculiarities of the Palace Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors measures 73m long and is included 17 angled windows with every window decorated with 21 individual mirrors… So absolutely this intelligent foyers light emissions 357 mirrors! The Hall of Mirrors isn’t famous for its belongings, its additionally lined with statues and busts too. Considered one of Louis XIV’s best commitments to the Palace, verifiably it was likewise where the Treaty of Versailles was marked in 1919 to end WW1.

Chapel of Versailles

As one of five churches at the Palace, you may ask why this one is so extraordinary. Finished in the early 1700s, you can see a “tribune” on the same level as the condo which looks down onto the nave where the rulers used to sit. Much like the building, the construction modeling of this house of prayer is to be acknowledged for its quality in Gothic and Baroque impacts. Nodding towards medieval styles and additionally early Renaissance patterns, you can respect figures of grotesqueness, marble floors and great pillars.

Grand Apartment

The Grand Apartment of King Louis XIV, overall known as the Apartment of the Planets, was alleged on the grounds that a depiction of a planet finished each of the seven salons inside the condo. Bear in mind to find however, a standout amongst the most eminent things about the room is the roof… Go see for yourself!

Versailles Garden

Go out for a stroll around the great enclosures (you may be pushed to cover every one of the 250 sections of land however) and wander through the arranged geometric ways and manicured yards. As Europe’s biggest castle enclosure its completely amazing and compasses down into bowls with great wellsprings for the complete pleasant setting. Verify you stop off at the Apollo and Latona wellsprings to appreciate the marble statues.

Ticket: 18EUR
Closed: Mondays

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