One of the foremost painting sights all told of Russia, Moscow’s Kremlin may be a large fort sitting on the banks of the Moskva stream. Initially the seat of the Russian Grand Dukes, then the residence of the dynasty tsars and later home to Soviet leaders like Bolshevist and Joseph Stalin, the Kremlin nowadays is the official residence of the president of the state. Despite that, most of the building is receptive the general public on a daily basis, together with the tower, many cathedrals, the Patriarch’s Palace and also the celebrated Armoury.

Once the tallest building in Russia, the Ivan the great tower offers great views round the town and also the Assumption Cathedral, the Archangel’s Cathedral and also the Annunciation Cathedral encompassing the Kremlin’s Cathedral square supply guests a glimpse into Russian religious life. The Armoury, though, is what is going to take your breath away, with its spectacular assortment of jewels, armor, weapons and ancient Russian relics.


Ticket: 12EUR

Closed: Thursdays

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