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Big Ben is the epithet for the Great Bell of the time at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and regularly stretched out to allude to the clock and the clock tower.

The tower is authoritatively known as the Elizabeth Tower, renamed in that capacity to praise the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II (preceding being renamed in 2012 it was known as just “Clock Tower”).

The tower holds the biggest four-confronted ringing check on the planet and is the third-tallest unsupported clock tower.

The tower was finished in 1858 and had its 150th celebration on 31 May 2009, amid which celebratory occasions took place.

The tower has turned into a standout amongst the most conspicuous images of the United Kingdom and is regularly in the creating shot of movies set in London.

The Palace of Westminster was decimated by flame in 1834. In 1844, it was chosen the new structures for the Houses of Parliament ought to incorporate a tower and a clock.

A gigantic chime was obliged and the first endeavor (made by John Warner & Sons at Stockton-on-Tees) split unsalvageably. The metal was softened down and the ringer recast in Whitechapel in 1858. Enormous Ben first rang crosswise over Westminster on 31 May 1859. A brief time later, in September 1859, Big Ben broke. A lighter mallet was fitted and the chime pivoted to present an undamaged segment to the sledge. This is the ringer as we hear it today.

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