Picasso Museum - Barcelona
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The Museu Picasso, spotted in Barcelona, Spain, houses a standout amongst the most broad accumulations of works of art by the twentieth century Spanish craftsman Pablo Picasso. With 4.249 works by the painter, the historical center has a standout amongst the most finish accumulations of works. The historical center is housed in five abutting medieval castles in Barcelona’s La Ribera and is placed on Montcada Street in the (Bank District) of Barcelona.

It opened to general society on March 9 in 1963,becoming the first gallery devoted to Picasso’s work and the one and only made amid the craftsman’s life. It has following been announced a (historical center of national enthusiasm) by the Government of Catalonia.

Highlights of the gathering incorporate two of his first significant works, The First Communion (1896), and Science and Charity (1897). Specifically, the Museu Picasso uncovers Picasso’s association with the city of Barcelona, a relationship that was formed in his childhood and puberty, and proceeded until his death.

Ticket: 14EUR
Closed: Mondays

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