Acropolis is likely the most well known and most went by landmark on the planet from the Antiquity times. It is the image of Athens and its most celebrated milestone. Consistently a large number of guests from everywhere throughout the world coming to appreciate this image of the Ancient Greek civilisation. On the rock of Acropolis there are a few landmarks from the Greek Antiquity , the greater part of the landmarks was expand on the Prehistoric sanctuaries of the Sacred rock amid the brilliant time of Pericles of Athens amid the fifth century BC.

Among those landmarks of the Acropolis, Parthenon is the most glorious, the sanctuary of Parthenon was committed to the goddess Athena, defender of the Ancient city of Athens.

Parthenon is a standout amongst the most popular structures of the world and on the off chance that it was fabricate a few hundreds of years prior, then presumably we would be discussing the 8 miracles of the world rather than 7. Its remarkable structural planning motivated the engineering style of the western world. Colleges, Public structures, Palaces, Parliaments, libraries have been fabricate motivated from the Dorian style and the Architecture of Parthenon. Parthenon was fabricate amid the Golden Era of Athens under Pericles organization. by the engineers Iktinos and Kalikrates. For its development they utilized marble from the mount of Penteli.

Parthenon of Athensthe Magnificent statue of Athens was made by Phidias a standout amongst the most popular stone workers of this time. Phidias utilized for the formation of the statue wood, ivory and gold. Shockingly the statue was vanish amid the medieval times.

The most stunning design accomplishment of Parthenon is the congruity of this huge building with the Attica scene. The outer mainstays of Parthenon are not precisely straight , they are marginally bended so they give an optical figment as they where straight from each edge you will look.

Parthenon was kept as it was in the Antiquity until 1687 when it was practically obliterated amid an attack of Athens by the Venetians from a bomb that originated from the armada of chief naval officer Morozini. The bomb had strike inside the sanctuary where the Turks had utilized it as an explosive store.

The most imperative stays of the Partenon stop are today in showcase at the British exhibition hall.

Erechtheion of Acropolisanother landmark on the consecrated rock of Acropolis is the Propylea assemble by Mnesicles amid Pericles organization. Close by is the Temple of Athens Nike that was expand on the same period by Kalikrates. The sanctuary was devoted to the triumph of the Athenians amid the Persian wars and particularly amid the skirmish of Marathon and the ocean clash of Salamis.

The Erechtheion sanctuary was assemble likewise amid the brilliant Age in the territory where utilization to be the olive tree that Athena offered to the Athenians. The most renowned statues of Erechtheion are the Caryatides, the statues are today in showcase at the new Museum of the Acropolis.

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