At the point when Melina Mercouri chose to transform her fantasy into reality and reported a rival to plan another historical center for the Acropolis in Athens, you could be excused for imagining that the Ancient lords of Greece were resolved to stop her. The plan to assemble another exhibition hall was tormented by issues and deferrals. Planners and builders went to court to battle for the lucrative contract to plan and construct the new historical center; nearby inhabitants went to court to shield memorable neighborhood structures from pulverization; and exactly when work at long last began on the winning outline of Manfredi Nicoletti and Lucio Passarelli, an old urban advancement started to rise up out of the ground being dug for the establishments. Development work instantly ground to a stop.

The aged site couldn’t be decimated. along these lines another rivalry was sorted out to outline the exhibition hall in such a path, to the point that the old site would be saved and open to view. This rival was won by Bernard Tschumi, a Swiss-conceived planner now situated in New York. His outline included painstakingly put segments to help the building over the antiquated settlement and incorporated a glass structure, with perspectives of the adjacent Parthenon, which will one day house all the Parthenon Marbles when the British government is at last influenced to give back those in its ownership to Greece.

With the new outline picked, time was heading out to finish the New Acropolis Museum in time for the Athens Olympics of 2004. More defers implied that tragically that due date was missed and it wasn’t until 2007 that the building was at last finished. Next, all the shows from the old Acropolis Museum in addition to the numerous a huge number of relics which had never been shown in that deficient historical center must be transported to the new gallery.

The New Acropolis Museum at long last opened to general society on June 21, 2009. About 4,000 articles were put on showcase (ten times more than the old gallery) over a zone of 14,000 square meters. The gallery remains at the foot of the Acropolis, just 280 meters from point A to point B from the Parthenon. Inside two months over a large portion of a million individuals had gone to the new historical center and the authority site was gone to by individuals from actually every nation on the planet.

On 8 November 2010, the New Acropolis Museum won the British Guild of Travel Writers’ (BGTW) prestigious worldwide recompense for the Best Worldwide Tourism Project for 2010. Yiorgos Nikitiadis, agent clergyman of society and tourism, got the recompense speaking to the Greek government. He thanked the coordinators and noted the reappearance of the Parthenon Marbles ought to now simply be a matter of time!

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