Mount Lycabettus, otherwise called Lycabettos, Lykabettos or Lykavittos (Greek: Λυκαβηττός, claimed [likaviˈtos]), is a Cretaceous limestone slope in Athens, Greece. At 300 meters (908 feet) above ocean level. Pine trees cover its base, and at its two tops are the nineteenth century Chapel of St. George, a theater, and a restaurant.

The slope is a prominent vacationer terminus and can be climbed by the Lycabettus Funicular, a funicular track which climbs the slope from a lower end at Kolonaki (The line station can be found at Aristippou road). Lycabettus shows up in different legends. Mainstream stories recommend it was before the asylum of wolves, (lycos in Greek), which is conceivably the source of its name (signifies “the one [the hill] that is strolled by wolves”). Fancifully, Lycabettus is credited to Athena, who made it when she dropped a mountain she had been convey from Pallene for the development of the Acropolis after the case holding Erichthonius was opened.

The slope additionally has an extensive outdoors theater at the top, which has housed numerous Greek and worldwide shows. Among the specialists who have performed at the Lycabettus theater included Ray Charles, Joan Baez, B.b. Lord, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Bob Dylan, Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, John Mc Laughlin, Gary Moore, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, Nick Cave, Pet Shop Boys, Deep Purple, Ub40, Placebo, Radiohead, Moby, Massive Attack, Faithless, Whitesnake, Tracy Chapman, Patti Smith, Vanessa Mae, Brian Ferry, Tito Puente, Buena Vista Social Club and Scorpions.

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