The Erechtheum, is a sanctuary of Ionic style on the Acropolis in Athens, it was assembled between 420 to 406 BC . The outline most likely backtracks to Pericles,who kicked the bucket atthe start of the development . Developers of the sanctuary was the draftsmen Philokles and Archilochos under whose supervision the sanctuary was finished around 406.

The Erechtheion or Erechtheum was initially was the royal residence of the legendary lord Erechtheus I. The sanctuary consolidates in a complex design structure a few antiquated figures of divine beings and saints. In the relic the sanctuary incorporated the professedly tumbled from the sky wooden picture of the city goddess Athena, close by it was the characteristic of Poseidon’s trident, the salt source, and the Olive tree of Athena as indications of the legendary challenge of the two divine beings. Inside the sanctuary it was accepted that the sacred snake of Athens was existed. It likewise incorporated the grave of the legendary ruler Cecrops I.

The Erechtheum is known mostly through its yard, its segments rather than columns had six young ladies (korai) known as the Caryatids (named after the city of Karya in the Peloponnese), however it is not known precisely who they speak to. One of the six Caryatids was gotten 1811 by Lord Elgin to Britain (now in the British Museum), the staying five were supplanted by copies to keep further harm from the brown haze (the firsts are in the Acropolis Museum).

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